Trace/pin for imac 27, came off when removing video connector, can this be fixed

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    I have an iMac 27 inch early 2011. While replacing the hard drive which died over a year later, I accidentally broke the video connector and one gold pin. I have a guy who can solder the pin back on but I have to buy a non working logic board for the part. I see on ebay there are some 21.5 in iMac logic boards I can buy strictly for parts and repair, but can I be safe knowing it will still have the same exact same gold traces/pins to use on my 27 inch. Some are late 2010 logic boards aswell. Is it safe to say they have the exact parts of that kind because they are the same computer, just one is bigger then the other. Its the gold pin I'm looking for not the socket. Heres a picture of the pins
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