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    GameTrac helps track your student athlete's progress over time... or your own progress.

    I am the developer, and I think it's honestly a very useful app. I use it every time I go to the gym to track how long I bike, how many reps of weights, etc.

    GameTrac is fully customizable - add any activity you want, from swimming to golf, basketball to board games.
    I have even used it to track the score of board games played with friends, shared the results on Facebook, and got fun comments from friends!

    Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing are built-in, so you can update your family & friends how you are doing on your workout regimen, if your child's team won the big game, and even how your child's individual progress is improving over time.

    Website: GameTrac for iPhone - Record, measure, improve. Record stats and enhance individual performance. For parents, coaches, and players.
    YouTube: GameTrac for iPhone screencast
    App Store: [app]GameTrac[/app]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The app was originally developed for parents to keep track of a few simple stats for their young athletes, to get them interested in how they do in a game. Sometimes a game can be a loss even though your child played really well; for them, the game should be a personal win! Using GameTrac regularly can help your child see their improvement over time, and help minimize the down feeling that happens when the team loses.

    My other app, Car Care, has been well reviewed. GameTrac just needs to find its market - which, if you've read this far, is probably you!

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the app, and any ideas you have for it. I can explain more ideas and possibilities with it later, once some people on the board here try it out.

    -- Karl
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    As a conversation starter...

    Which sport do you like to play, coach, or watch?

    Do you want to track a couple basic statistics with your iPhone?

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