Price Advice Trade 13" with AppleCare for 11" without applecare and with 64gb hdd + 170 good deal?

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    I am looking to trade my Late 2010 13" Macbook for a 11"

    Somebody as approached me with an 11", however it does not have applecare, is a few months older, and only has 64gb ssd.

    He has offered an additional $170 for these differences. Both are Late 2010 Models.

    Is this a good deal? Should I ask for more??


    I think I should get more, as my computer is 5 months newer, cost $300 more when purchased, and has AppleCare ($280 value) = so I paid almost $600 more.. thoughts??

    Also - I believe AppleCare is very valuable on a laptop.
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    170 seems kind of light to me. Although it all depends on if you would rather have an 11 or a 13. I mean if you are just trying to make a little cash on the side, I would go for more cash but if you would rather have an 11" then it probably isn't as bad of a deal.
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    I am going to purchase a 15" Macbook Pro (new one hopefully :))

    So a 11" would be an ideal second machine. However, AppleCare is a big deal to me...and I would prefer a 128GB hdd.

    So $170 does not seem like a lot of money to me, given what I am losing.

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