Trade in phone at Verizon/apple


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Apr 6, 2010
So if its $400 I can get the phone for 250? For example. What about apple retail.


I see you can do it online. But what about in Verizon in store.
I would assume you could do it instore. I wouldn't see why not.

But other than that I have no clue about anything else Verizon lol AT&T here


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Jul 10, 2010
I traded in my white iPhone 4 32gb into Verizon and they took off 155 from my 4s 64g. I did this the night before the iPhone 5 launched. I ended up paying a little over an hundred dollars for the phone. I know I could have gotten more especially since it was in good condition and was still under warranty. I did get the reduced price for the phone which I believe he wasn't suppose to do until the next day.