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    Feb 11, 2004
    Just wanted to share with the general public and let you know what's going on in the Industry

    From: <> (Apple Events)

    Subject: Apple Consultants Network: Catalog of Training Providers
    Apple Customer Training
    For a complete listing of Apple Customer Training delivering

    Leader-led courses on Mac OS X and WebObjects

    Apple Certified courses taught at Apple Authorized Training Centers on
    Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Shake and Logic

    Apple Consultants Network : Catalog of Training Providers

    Whether you've invested in a technology solution and want to learn how
    to maximize it, or you want to keep up on the latest and greatest
    product innovations, a member of the Apple Consultants Network can help
    you get the most from technology.

    Adobe Certified since 1995; Quark Certified since 1988; FileMaker Pro
    Certified; 23 years of publishing experience. Customized on-site
    training, and hands-on education in classroom.
    Areas Served: Southern CA; Phoenix, AZ; Nationwide On-Site.

    iHelp Connect
    iHelp Connect offers affordable, one day introductory through advanced
    Photoshop digital imaging seminars in New England. Each participant
    receives a custom designed, take-home workbook unique to each seminar.
    Areas Served: New England

    MacTraining Enterprises
    Hands-on training in small groups to print and web publishers, on Adobe
    and Macromedia products, Color Management, Mac OS X, and FileMaker Pro.
    Advanced training, troubleshooting, system consulting, and network
    support also available.
    Areas served: WI, IL, IA, IN

    The Art Institute of Colorado ( Apple Authorized Training Center)
    We provide affordable training on Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Shake
    for DV Technicians and Mac OS X for Technical Coordinators and System
    Areas served: CO, NE, SD, WY, MT, NV, UT, NM, AZ or On-Site

    Breakaway Interactive
    Learn the latest creative applications using Mac OS X. Hands-on
    software training for graphic designers, web designers,
    digital media artists, and educators.
    Areas served: OK

    DiscoveryTools ( Apple Authorized Training Center)
    We offer a wide variety of classes that can be taken by novices and
    experts alike. Apple Authorized Training Center with portable lab
    enables hands-on training anywhere/anytime.
    Areas served: ANY CompUSA location, or On-Site (Apple Authorized Training Center)
    Digital media workshops taught across North America. Self-paced courses
    on disc for Final Cut Pro, iMovie, shooting and lighting. Customized
    on-site digital media training.
    Areas Served: CA, NY, other major cities and on-site.

    Gnome Digital Media
    We provide top-notch instruction in DVD Studio Pro, taught by Bruce
    Nazarian, a recognized authority in DVD Authoring and Production.
    Areas served: CA, PA, DC, MD, VA or On-site

    OdysseyTek NJ ( Apple Authorized Training Center)
    Digital media training from New Jersey's first Apple Authorized
    Training Center. Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Maya, Photoshop, After
    Effects, more.

    Polymath Business Systems
    We provide quality instruction on Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro,
    focused on helping students create professional looking finished
    Areas served: New England, NY, CA, other major cities or On-site

    Tech Superpowers, Inc ( Apple Authorized Training Center)
    Macintosh training on Mac OS X, Mac Administration, and Final Cut Pro.
    An Apple Authorized Final Cut Pro Training Center, we provide quality
    hands-on workshops in our Boston training facility
    Areas served: New England

    First Tech
    We offer hands-on instruction on Mac OS X as well as Final Cut Pro and
    DVD Studio Pro at our Minneapolis, Minnesota training center.
    Areas served: MN or On-site

    iMaven Consulting
    We offer classroom training for consumer and business users on Mac OS,
    Microsoft Office, and AppleWorks, special classes for senior users.
    Areas served: WA or On-site

    KAUi Software
    We offer hands-on training and seminars that increase your use of Mac
    OS X, graphic workflow, digital video, and more!
    Areas served: GA or On-site

    Marc L Mintz & Associates
    Delivering the only 100% hands-on certification-level Mac OS X training
    designed for the rest of us.
    Regions: USA-national.

    Pelarious, Inc.
    Boost your productivity in professional-level seminars that take a
    real-world, task-based, goal-oriented approach to your skill
    development. Visit us at
    Areas served: MO

    Scripting Matters
    Offers AppleScript training at all levels, in addition to seminars
    dealing with other publishing automation technologies.
    Areas served: Many states, or On-site

    Hands-on training by Certified Professional Instructors for all the
    latest authorized offerings from Macromedia, Adobe, and Quark. We also
    offer PHP, XML, and other programming classes. Upgrade to Mac OS X
    with our new transition class!
    Areas Served: Mid-Atlantic. Training Centers in McLean and Richmond,

    Learn AppleScript to work smarter, not harder, in TECSoft's no-tears,
    hands-on, introductory Workflow Automation with AppleScript class.
    Areas served: Many states, or On-site

    Westwind Computing
    The Seattle Macintosh training facility for business, we offer Apple
    Certified Mac OS X, OS X Server, and Adobe training courses.
    Areas served: WA, or On-site

    An Authorized ArchiCAD Reseller providing hands-on training instruction
    for beginner, intermediate and advanced users of ArchiCAD.
    Areas served: OH, KY, IN, PA or On-site


    Complete Mac Seminars
    Complete Mac Seminars is your one stop training source for Mac OS
    Support and Administration.
    Areas served: Many states, Canada or On-site
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    Oct 20, 2002
    I'm attending an Apple sponsored seminar Tuesday April 20th. It's a ADC event 7:30pm at Harvard University Campus.
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    Feb 11, 2004
    I love driving to Boston for Seminars and other computer related events, it's a beautiful town. I wish all the crap between Apple and the directors of the Mac World convention would just end, and they would bend to popular opinion and bring it back to Boston. I went in 1997 and not since then. I hate going into NY city.
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    Oct 20, 2002
    Thank you for you kind words about Boston. I plan to voice my opinion to the Apple representative regarding MacWorld Boston. My plan is to be positive until there is a definitive press release by Apple.

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