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    Jul 23, 2001
    I think this whole trademark thing is old business for Apple. The trademark "APPLEWIRE" was filed on July 6,1998, and expired on March 6, 2001, three days before the priority date given for "GIGAWIRE." The description may have changed somewhat since three years ago, but I think it is about as relevant as the trademark "AIRMAC" which just might have an application with the upcoming device.

    Just because they have a trademark doesn't mean they have a product that needs it. It could even mean they acquired it to thwart copycats with similar/confusing product descriptions/names. Of course, they don't have "Macintosh Manager" trademarked, for various reasons.

    This could all refer to a new product that has been in development stages since March, but I don't think this new digital media device needs a new transfer medium. The fact that no Mac (media hub) shipping today will have it pretty much rules it out. However, there is the possibility that it will refer to IEEE 1394 @ 1600Mbit/s, if they decide to rebrand it for marketing purposes in future Macs.
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    For the uninitiated:

    AirMac is already in use. It's what AirPort is called in Japan, since AirPort had previously been 'trademarked' there.

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