Transfer a video directly from MacBook to iPhone, for Instagram upload?


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Hey, I regularly Instagram videos, often that I've edited in Final Cut Pro X.

I'm aware that Instagram deliberately don't allow upload via a computer, because it undermines their 'DIY uploads' ethos; but hey, it's competitive - and that's what's required!

The simplest way I've found to get them up there, is to place them in Dropbox, then open Dropbox on my iPhone, save them to the iPhone, then upload them.

Unfortunately, this isn't very simple; and in Australia (which has abysmal internet) it's pretty painful.

Surely there must be an easier way to transfer a video directly from my MacBook, onto my iPhone?


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Nov 15, 2016
Lüneburg, Germany
If you use the photos app via icloud photostream on both devices it should be a lot more comfortable as the transfer and download to the phone are automated (but it isn't really faster since it's running over the cloud).

To fasten the transfer you can use the photos app -with both icloud off and on- and sync with your USB cable...
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