transfer data from sony net md walkman to tibook?


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Jun 21, 2003
hi there,

i am currently working on an oral history project and here's my problem: i have some interviews on minidisc format and want to transfer them from a sony net MD walkman with USB to my tibook. the problem is, sony has not put any mac software on the install CD, and os x does not immediately recognize the MD player. i can see it in the system profiler, though.

could anyone give me some advice on how to transfer the data?

thanks a lot,



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Jun 5, 2003
Costa Rica
Unfortunately not...

At least not using USB.
You can record it using a line in jack as if it were any other audio source.

You can read more about minidisc and macs here,
here and there's a usefull program here (hasn't been updated in a while, tho...

Too bad sony doesn't support Macs with the NetMD minidisc. And it also sucks that they don't support uploading from the minidisc - I guess that happens when you're a market leader in both electronics and content.

Hope that helps!!