Transferring contacts/pics/videos from HTC to IP5?


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Jun 6, 2009
Is this possible? I have all of my contacts stored on a Gmail backup. Can they transfer all of this data from my HTC EVO 4G to my IP5 for me at my local sprint store?


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Nov 14, 2008
You should be able to do it yourself. Activate the iPhone, then add your gmail account and it should automatically sync your contacts. Not sure why the Sprint store would need to do it for you. I have had all my iPhones delivered to my house and set up the mail accounts on my own.


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Jul 19, 2010
I'm not too familiar with Android OS but the way I would do it is to save all your contacts to Outlook on your PC then you can synch the contacts from outlook to iPhone via iTunes.

Photos and Video's will need to be transferred by saving to your PC then synching them via iTunes back to the iPhone.

Not sure if local store can do this for you, call and ask

Someone more familiar with Android may come along with alternative options