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Discussion in 'Community' started by MacFan782040, May 30, 2005.

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    Okay, I hope some people out there know some stuff about cars.

    I have a 2001 Hyundai Elantra Automatic with 117,000 miles on it. When I bought it back in November of 04, it was in great shape, and everything still is, except the trans. I bought it for 3400, which was also a steal for all the features it had.

    Anyway, a few months ago, I noticed the engine would "slip", meaning during shifts, the engine RPM's would go up real fast, yet the car would not go any faster. This continued, until one day I was pulling into somewhere and the when I stepped on the accelerator, the engine would'nt go, and the Check Engine light came on. Crap, I thought. I turned the car off, and back on, and everything seemed ok. (Yet it still slipped.)

    So, I take it on a trip to NJ, and on the way back, the same thing happens. This time, it stays like that, and I had to drive the whole way home on the highway at 55MPH with the RPM's up in the 3000 because it was stuck in that gear I guess.

    So, I take it up to Lee Myles transmissions (a national chain), and have them do a "Free Diagnostic Check" on it. After a week or so, the guy says he is 90% sure it only requires replacement of 2 computer sensors, and is not an internal trans problem that would have cost me a few thousand...

    So, he replaces these sensors, calls back and says he has to add a third one, so I said OK. Total repair cost-- $420. This was back about a month ago. He said the more I drive it, the better it would work because the sensors would "talk" to each other.

    So, during this month, things have been pretty good. Yet it still slipped I noticed in a few weeks after the repair. Now, I drove to Prom on Friday. The next morning I noticed a delay when I tried to accelerate out of my driveway... It also happened when I went to drive home for my lunch break... and on my way home. I looked it up and it is definitly a documented trans problem (called "morning sickness"). Also, the trans slips pretty bad, and it's about to the point where it was BEFORE I decided to make the $420 decision to have it "fixed". I just have a feeling in the next few days/weeks, the engine will conk out and I'll have the check engine light come on again.

    There is definitly something wrong.. and I can't afford to get a new/rebuilt trans. I don't know what to do....Anyone help me? ANYTHING would be appriciated... thanks guys. :confused:
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    Did the work come with a warranty? If so, take it back and tell them to fix it. If they diagnosed it wrong, they it should be their problem to fix it right. If it didn't come with a warranty, you might just have to bite the bullet and get a new tranny. I would suggest going to a Hyundai dealership. You'll pay a bit more but you get people who are experts on that one car and generally, they will give you a warranty.
    In my old Thunderbird SC, I went through 4 transmissions within a year. Luckily I had a warranty and finally the guy who was fixing it got pissed off enough and bought a racing transmission for it. It was too bad that the engine then crapped out on me a month later. I miss that car :*(
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    Big national chains suck. I wouldn't let those places change my oil. Your tranny problem was not the computers or sensors. It's a Hyundai with lots of miles; it's likely in need of an minor overhaul. They charged you a ton of money to do nothing. They may have put a clutch kit in to get it out the door seeming okay but the "reprogramming" they did was BS and they knew the problem wasn't fixed.

    Make them fix it right since you already paid enough for them to fix it right. There's no way an internal tranny problem on a Hyundai would cost "a few thousand."

    God I hate the lying pricks at these auto chains. They played you and made a sucker out of you.

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