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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by katyoshi, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Hello everyone, I have a few questions for my situation. I'm going to travel to South Korea for a week and need to charge my iPad Air 2, iPhone 6, and new Macbook Air. I've been researching online, but I just don't want to make a mistake without first consulting you guys. I'm trying to see if I can safely charge my devices without needing a power transformer. I have T-Mobile with the unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data simple choice plan with credit check.

    1. Is the iPhone 6 100-240V compatible and can I just use the power adapter from Amazon to safety charge my iPhone?

    2. What about the iPad Air 2?

    3. I read on apple's website about the macbook air having Line voltage: 100-240V AC. Does this mean I could just use a power adapter for South Korean outlets?

    4. While I'm overseas, can I really text and use data without being charged extra and have it unlimited? Its my first time using this feature by t-mobile and want to know if anyone has any experience with this.
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    Umm, that depends on what adapter you are talking about. I have a better idea for you below.

    Your MBA power adapter is 120-240v compatible. You will need a plug converter to take your US power adapter and plug it into asian outlets. You can find them for $20 or so. I would then recommend charging your phone and iPad from your MBA to save on the amount of chargers and outlet adapters you will need.

    I like this one: Targus World Travel Adapters

    I do NOT recommend the kind that have you slide out the different plugs depending on which you need - they tend to break.

    Do NOT buy a *voltage* converter - you will NOT need it and will pay $50 or so for no reason. All you need is an OUTLET converter. I

    Note that some hotels in South Korea have US outlets (usually one, in my experience, in the bathroom and another at the desk). However, you certainly can't count on it.

    Your stock US iPhone and iPad chargers are also 120-240v. If you wanted to charge with them, you could get a small power strip, plug that into your outlet adapter, and plug the iPhone/iPad/MBA chargers into it. This one has served me well:

    Belkin 3 Outlet Charger Protector

    I can't speak to T-Mo, but AT&T will rape you hard, fast, and surely.

    However, once you get there, you can rent what they commonly call an "egg" - the Korean version of a portable hotspot - with unlimited data for $8.00/day. You can also rent phones cheaply as well. Both can be obtained in the Incheon airport. KT Foreigner Rental Site

    One last ProTip: Check this site out to learn to read Korean quickly. No, really!

    Enjoy Korea. I had a great time there.

    - 조
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    1. As long as you have the 220 V adaptor you should be fine. See pic below for an example. A Wall charger with that kind should be fine.

    2.Same. as #1.

    3. Yes, as again provided that you have the one like the pic (what i mean is the two end part that is round).

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    Love the ROK.

    Tmobile is great and better than nothing but should be mentioned their free unlimited intl data is dog slow and only good for getting email and iMessage.
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    I just got back from a trip to S.Korea. The Apple iPhone chargers work no problems, however the Koreans use a circular wall socket insert, so you will need an adaptor before you can plug in the US Standard plug. If you are going to stay in a premium international hotel in Korea, the desk will give you an adaptor for free on request, otherwise just pick up one before you leave.
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    What network type did you connect to while there? Are they like Japan where they don't have GSM they only have WCDMA (3G HSPA) and LTE? If so how were the speeds compared to T-Mobiles EDGE at home....I know they throttle but just curious.
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    Wasn't it in the news, on this site. And still in effect? that if you travel to the US with an iPhone that won't turn on they will chuck it in the bin for you. You have a lot of devices. Make sure they are charged. Unless I'm mistaken?
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    Have fun.

    You will be surprised by the quality of connection. South Korea, in fact, is the best wired country.

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    You can get unlimited calling too, assuming if your favorite contacts have an iphone, by FaceTime Audio
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    I just went to the ROK last month and had my iPhone 6 and rMBP with me. Both worked fine with the regular chargers I had, coming from Japan but the voltage difference between Japan and the US is so minimal. Both hotels I stayed at there had at least one or two US/Japan type plug so I didn't even need to bring an adapter. You might want to bring one just to be safe, though, but no voltage converter is necessary.

    My iPhone 6 is unlocked so I just grabbed a prepaid SIM card at the convenience store at the airport. It worked great. If yours is unlocked that might be one way to go. It was only about $30 for 1GB of data and 80 minutes talk time, which is fine for a short trip (I was only there for 4 days).

    Enjoy the ROK, fantastic country and great food!
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    Thank you for the links! I actually ordered the two devices you linked to. I ordered the 2amp outlet extender along with the travel adapter from Amazon. Sorry I forgot to mention I won't be in a hotel and I'll be at a family member's home and they definitely don't have any US plugs in their home. I will definitely enjoy the food as well. I want to thank everyone for their responses!
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    My pleasure. I enjoyed everything in Korea, including the food:


    (I'm the pasty-white guy on the right... LOL)
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