Traveling in Europe with iPhone and iPad

Discussion in 'iPad' started by HadItWithWindow, Nov 30, 2010.

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    I'm so confused. Help. I use the iPhone strictly for phone calls, calendar, checking emails and apps. I bought the AT&T international plan for around $7 a month. We will only be in Netherlands, France, UK and Belgium for a total of 11 days.

    I have an iPad that I'm attached to like it was an arm for email, surfing the web and emails but heaviest uese is Yahoo Messenger.

    AT&T tells me to be sure roaming is off on iPhone. OK. I will be charged for calls I make at a reduced rate (he forgot to tell me how expensive the reduced rate will be and I forgot to ask)

    What about the iPad? If I turn on WiFi and pay hotels for WiFi or free hot spots do I need to do anything to avoid 'roaming' charges for using Messenger or emails or surfing the web for 6 hours a day????

    We're leaving at 3:30pm tomorrow (Dec 1, 2010) Any response regarding the iPhone or especially the iPad would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just turn off roaming on the iPad - that's all (should be off by default anyhow).

    You can then still use the iPad to surf using WiFi and you won't be charged (well, except by the hotel).

    You should be able to find some free WiFi on your travels. McDonalds has it - but if you're in Europe for 11 days it would be a big FAIL if you end up eating there!!

    Top tip: Buy Motion-X GPS for the phone and/or iPad. Use the download function to download the maps you need now (while you have good WiFi) and you'll then be able to use those maps offline without being charged.

    Top tip2: Don't be surfing the net for 6 hours a day. You're only travelling for 11 days - not much to see that many places. Don't waste it web surfing - you can do that any other time.
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    You don't pay for WiFi, so as long as the iPad is connecting to a WiFi you can use it to your hearts content.

    It may be cheaper to pick up a Pay As You Go Sim Card while abroad, than suffer the increased price from AT&T.
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    First thing first..... MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF DATA ROAMING!!! (if not your going to be in for a rude awakening when you receive your next phone bill).

    I was in Scottland and Italy this year with my ipad and iphone 3Gs. Was able to activate 3G service in both countries using pre-pard cards (make sure you go to an authorized wireless carrier and they should be able to set you up). Once you got the iphone working, you can always cut the SIM card down to size and use it with a MicroSIM adapter on your iPad. You've also got to change the APN and/or VPN for both your devices, but the sales person should have all the details.

    The only downside I can see is that your not staying in any one country for any reasonable length of time, so it might not be worth your while to get a different SIM card for each country you visit. :cool:

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