Trouble playing music through USB port in newer GM Vehicles on iPhone 6+?

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    Dec 13, 2014
    I have a 2013 Chevy Silverado. It has a built in factory USB port. I've had an iPhone 5 for the past 2 years. I have played music and charged it through a lightning cord using said USB port with no trouble. This past week I upgraded to an iPhone 6 plus. When I plug it in to the port, the phone goes to the all black screen with the white apple on it for about 10 seconds and the phone vibrates twice, then the home screen comes back for a few seconds and then goes back to the black screen w/ white apple. It keeps doing this over and over. A few times I've actually been able to get to the music app to select a song but it goes haywire, it starts rifling through the playlist at like 100 songs per second and the screen flickers. A few times I've even had to do a reboot. I've tried 3 different lightning cords including the one that came with the iPhone 6. I am updated to the newest IOS. I cannot figure out what is causing this. Has anybody else had this trouble on newer GM vehicles? Were you able to fix it? If so, for the love of god, tell me how.
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    Crud, I was worried that it was just me. I hope my phone isn't defective. It charges on the wall outlet in my home just fine.
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    take it to the dealer or the call GM tech support

    out of the blue i would suggest the following

    1. this is a bug with iOS 8 , and maybe apple knows about it. or you have to ask them for a fix
    2. maybe the iPhone wants 5 v at 2100 ma to play music ???? doubt it. maybe it asks the car for that voltage and the car freaks out. thats one thing that is different about iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 + is that the 6 + asks for iPad current
    3. maybe like i said earlier , talk to the dealer. maybe there is a firmware update for your radio

    try connecting an iPad air or iPad air 2 running iOS 8 to the car and play music to dismiss #2

    the car should do the same thing it did to your iPhone 6+ as an iPad air 2. maybe someone you know has the iPad air 2 3G model. and they will let you borrow it to test the car

    on my prius, i found out if i play scratched cds it will cause the the car stereo to reboot and lose its am/fm presets!!!

    as long as the iPhone can charge using its charger , or an iPad charger and can sync and charge on a mac computer made after 2010 ( its a safe bet ), then there is nothing wrong with your phone and the problem is your car


    one of my pet peeves is people get so used to charging their iPhones and iPads and iPod touches, that they forget that usb 2.0 is only 5 V @ 500 ma, and when their devices have charging issues, they forget how much little power usb 2.0 has.

    yes, usb 3 has 900 ma, and some people think that is a lot! but an iOS device will not ask for that 900 ma current unless the host computer is a mac.

    you connect an iPad to a windows machine and its usb 3 port, and it probably won't ask for that 900 ma, because it is a usb 2 device.

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