Trouble with Messages High Sierra


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May 3, 2014
This is something that just came up today.

I run High Sierra on my primary computer, a 2012 MBP(9,1 non-retina). I need to upgrade to Mojave(not Catalina for a couple of reasons) but I'can't afford the down time at least now.

I'm having an issue today, however, with iMessage texting through Messages.

First of all, SMS via Messages(linked to my iPhone Xr running iOS 13) works perfectly. There is no issue there. The problem is strictly confined to iMessages.

I can receive them fine, and they show up in Messages on my computer. I can send FROM MY PHONE without an issue. When I try to send through my computer, though, I get an immediate red exclamation/not delivered error.

I've tried closing and reopening Messages, and even deleting my iMessage account and re-adding. I'm not sure where to go next on this. Everything was working fine last night right before I went to bed(I know because I sent a message then from my computer) but didn't work when I tried to use it this morning.
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