Trump environment spending cuts likely opposed by Republicans, it's not the EPA.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by PracticalMac, Mar 27, 2017.

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    It seems the Republicans favorite whipping boy (EPA) is small fry in Environmental Spending, and cuts would be damaging to Republican districts and programs according to Bloomberg.

    The EPA does not rank in the top 10 of federal agencies that spent the most on environment-related contracts in 2016.

    I admit I did not know this either, not common knowledge and something Trump would know off hand (although I am sure he will say he is expert).
    Especially how much the DoD spends.

    Question is will Trump learn and change his position, or continue to with careless actions?

    Bottom line is a change to any program will impact jobs and the Republican party.
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    I have a feeling Trump's agency head pick was aware of it, and that may have been one reason Pruitt went hat in hand to the White House to suggest the original cuts Trump's budget proposed were too high. It cannot have made him --or anyone else tuned into the facts you cited-- too happy when the response to his objection was a deeper set of cuts. I think Pruitt was pretty taken aback by that. Not that Pruitt's not into helping rip up the agency he was picked to help defang, and btw here's that immediate agenda:

    This White House is or else just acts completely tone deaf on (or ignorant of?) the extent and details of American governance by and for its own hijacked party. They tend to talk and act as though the "Big Government" that they mean to tip out is all by and for a bunch of Democrats.

    Whether that's just a bit of intentional playacting is a good question, but even assuming that it is, they're sort of sawing off the limb they're walking out on when they pick fights within their own party, like making budget cuts that dig into red states, red districts, pet Republican projects. And hello Donald, there are actually Republicans around who like clean air and clean water...

    So far this White House doesn't seem to have gotten to actual fights with Democrats (short of immigration lawyers lol) because Ryan's House is hellbent on legislation by majority party only. That makes any disagreements between Trump's crew and the Republican Party look even bigger when they surface in the House. One of these days Trump's going to have stepped on five or ten too many red toes over there and they'll recalculate his net worth to them at that moment and just hand him a set of impeachment papers.

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