Trump Fumes While Kasich Preens

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    "They signed a pledge saying they will abide, saying they will back the candidate of the party," Trump said during a campaign appearance in Bangor, Maine, adding, "They broke their word. In my opinion, they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful."

    Trump didn't mention any Republican candidates by name. But some of his significant primary challengers, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- who on Wednesday released a letter on his campaign fundraising list highlighting a positive poll for him -- have yet to endorse Trump despite saying during the primary they would back the GOP nominee."


    "Kasich has been using his campaign email list to fundraise for down-ballot Republicans such as Sen. John McCain along with candidates for House seats after the Ohio governor dropped out of the presidential race in May. But his letter on Wednesday, entitled "The Latest" and authored by senior adviser John Weaver, highlighted the recent findings of a Ballotpedia poll that look bad for Trump.
    Weaver argued that the poll results "confirm what we said throughout the campaign: John Kasich was the very best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton.""

    Sucks to be The Donald.
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    Considering how Trump has supported candidates like Romney only to slam them later after the fact, I really think such pledges are rather meaningless.

    I mean really, why would someone support someone who they feel is bad for the country or who attacked their family? Country over party. At least that is how it should be.
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    Whiny little bitch Trump is not pretty. This is all happening so much faster than I thought it would. I figured we'd get a memorable summer before he started to meltdown.

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