Trump health now under scrutiny

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    Like Clinton, Trump has released minimal information, most notably in the form of a December 2015 letter of a few paragraphs from his personal physician, a gastroenterologist, that described his blood pressure and lab results as "astonishingly excellent" while suggesting a President Trump would be the "healthiest individual ever elected."

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent, found much of that language surprising and, in some cases, almost comically lacking in objective data.
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    He's always available and is always high energy, a far leap from "wheres the pillows" Clinton who can't walk up a flight of stairs without passing out and sometimes isn't sure how she will feel when scheduling meetings 2 days in the future.
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    Who do you want to bet croaks first?
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    I'd be willing to bet whoever gets in office probably won't make it out alive.
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    In that case I still vote for Hillary. Rather have Kaine in that Pence.
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    They are both too old, and I wouldn't be too surprised if the stress of the job makes whichever one gets the nomination die before the end of two terms.
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    Agreed, I wouldn't want Pence as president, he reminds me too much of Ted Cruz who was the only one I hated more than Trump during the primaries.
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    Rather than made up crap, can you stick to the comment you replied to? What are your thoughts on the notion that Trump would be the "healthiest individual ever elected." for instance?
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    I would like to see Trump open a jar of pickles.

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    Oct 9, 2012
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    Hillary has had multiple DVTs and Hypothyroidism. That has stroke written all over it.
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    Thank you so much Dr. Snoopy4. And here is my prescription for you: vote for whomever you prefer and furthermore next time there's a Democratic primary, speak up sooner if you are concerned about the health of your preferred candidate's potential opposition in the general election. Time is always of the essence in these matters. It takes so long to look up those long words on WebMD and of course one gets sidetracked meanwhile thinking about that little itch on the underside of one's wrist and that weird sneezing fit while trying to pour the milk into coffee yesterday morning. One must keep up with one's own catalog of potentially fatal illnesses even when it's so important to the course of the nation's history to make sure all these politicians aren't forgetting to take their vitamins. Well I'm off to pedal ten miles on my stationary bike before I check the news to see if Hillary's still alive. Ciao!
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    Would it help her if she'd "pray"? :)
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    I disagree.

    Hillary is inextricably linked to big money, big corrupt establishment politicians who like her, have made their fortunes off the gullible masses. In complete control of the media, they are all profiting and getting their power fix from the status quo. Soon to be in the top spot, the Queen will milk this job for two terms. She's Teflon, untouchable as most cunning pathological story tellers are. Loved by Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollyweird, this abortion loving hypocrite will serve eight years no matter what it takes.

    Bubba has plans... :eek:

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    Jan 31, 2015
    Oh gawd all of this is nonsense.

    Sure, Trump's doctors note is awkwardly written but no one ever said physicians were known for their impressive writing skills. Some are great writers, others are atrocious. I know one that won't even write it paragraphs, merely bullet points.

    It's not uncommon for doctors not to specifically state specific values in their notes, depending on the audience. Given the general public would not know how to interpret most lab values (many of which vary from lab to lab). BP people might get, cholesterol levels are typically no longer are reduced to a goal level- rather your baseline determines your statin choice, and most require learned interpretation skills. Therefore, I'm not surprised there aren't specific values.

    And if I recall correctly, Hillary's doctors note isn't particularly specific about such quantitative or onbjective measures either.

    The point of a doctors note is not to outline every specific facet of their physical health- rather to either say if they are healthy enough or not to serve as POTUS.

    I'll say again if either of these candidates were that deathly ill, they wouldn't be capable of the strenuous task of partaking in a presidential campaign. They probably would live out their remaining days with their families and enjoying the massive wealth they've accumulated rather that enduring the stress of a campaign. Just my thoughts.

    Based on the known health histories of Clinton and Trump, it does seem Clinton has a history of more severe health issues, but if controlled (which I have no reason to believe they are not) there should be no reason to say she is unfit for the presidency. There are plenty of older people in positions of power with more severe chronic health conditions.

    But again, no one with more than 2 brain cells is actually going to vote for the candidate they believe will live longer - short of one of them stroking out tomorrow. They're going to vote on politics and character.
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    One thing I'm sort of surprised nobody else has caught onto is questioning why Trump's gastroenterologist made this claim. Most healthy people will see a gastroenterologist for their standard screening colonoscopies once every ten years, possibly more often if there's family history or if there were suspicious findings on a previous exam. Unless they have some sort of specific problem, they're not going to be seeing a specialist all that often, if at all. So what's the deal? Does Trump have some sort of gastric problem necessitating such close visits with a specialist that his specialist, rather than a primary care physician, spoke out for him? By comparison, Clinton's primary care provider was the one who spoke up for her.

    As a medical doctor, that was something I've been wondering about. I don't think Trump is unhealthy, but if he's going to make accusations against his opponent, surely he has to realize that it will invite scrutiny on his own end as well. Having a specialist speak up for him was an odd choice.
  16. Jess13, Aug 24, 2016
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    I won’t watch it because I don’t want to :rolleyes: when the audience seal-barks for opening a jar. Pathetic. Hillary is unhealthy, and what I read about her joke that Kimmel could ‘feel her pulse’ was misdirection: “See, I have a pulse. That means my health is great. [Jeb intonation] Please seal-clap.” Arr! Arr!
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    Trump really starting to grasp at straws now. Changing tune on deportation of Meicans. Waiting to see if he bails on debates.
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    OBJECTIVE reality
    Rience's Hope will return after these words from Proctor & Gamble, makers of Palmolive dishwashing liquid.
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    Maybe so. Maybe Dr. Bornstein really is just a kindly old duffer who strangely puts his e-mail address on his letterhead; claims to belong to a fictional department of the hospital he works at, and hasn't bothered to update his website in the past fifteen years. All that is indeed possible.

    But we also have to remember the letter is written about Donald Trump, a man who spent a fair amount of time in his younger days phoning up various magazines and newspapers, and boasting about his own wealth, success, and sexual prowess - while claiming to be a PR manager called "John Miller."

    Extraordinary claims, as they say, require extraordinary evidence. Bornstein claims Trump would be "unequivocally" to be the "healthiest person ever to be elected President."

    We can't reasonably expect Dr. Bornstein to violate patient confidentiality. So what say we challenge Trump to participate in a 10k run against current President Obama. No?

  20. Snoopy4, Aug 24, 2016
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    I'm not a Democrat so if they want to put up a stroke candidate, that's their stupid.

    Also, look up Thrombocythemia. I have plenty of education about blood disorders from dealing with it. It forced my retirement from the military. Thanks for playing.
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    Mar 19, 2015
    I read on the internet that he's fallen and can't get back up. It must be true.

  22. Huntn macrumors P6


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    Both candidates should release meaningful medical history information.
  23. ericgtr12 macrumors 65816


    Mar 19, 2015
    And tax returns.
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    Why do we have to pretend that Clinton didn't release a meaningful medical history?

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