Trump loses the theatrical community vote

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by samcraig, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Puzzling because he embodies both of these theatrical icons...

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    Nice. Although the icon I most associate with Trump is this one. It just always comes to mind when I see his name.

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    LOL for the "fifteen seconds of fame"? especially in Hollywood since they started that whole thing.

    There was a time no one ever heard of a starlet unless she "somehow" got a second role with a speaking part. Then someone discovered that becoming a kleptomaniac and getting busted was a way to skip the casting couch and head straight for cable talk shows.

    Things have never been the same since. Now even the kid down the block imagines his moment of fame ahead as he hurtles on his skateboard towards your massive SUV and waving a plastic sword... ;) @jkcerda

    But see what I want to know is how is the kid on the skateboard going to vote. Or his parents. I don't really care how Actors Equity sees the election.

    I'd have assumed a union would be pro-Clinton, even though it's not entirely clear if Trump is anti-union for all of America. He's been anti-union on behalf of his businesses.

    On the other hand, Trump is the proud (?) possessor of a nice Screen Actors Guild pension, apparently thanks to assorted film cameos over the years.

    And as that piece points out, with his TV work, he'd probably now qualify for an AFTRA-side pension as well. Not sure this would sway Trump's over-all take on unions, but since he's supposed to be working for election of the GOP's candidates these days, not just his own election, I'd expect him to soft-pedal any love he may secretly have for unions.
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    The same reason anyone who donates expects freebies in return? Just donate more, you will get more. Right?

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