Trump trolls entire Senate

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    Well, Donald Trump made a big stink about holding a massive classified briefing on North Korea for the Senate. Only, turns out it didn't involve classified info, nor was it really about gearing up for a pre-emptive strike on NK. But it did present a cavalcade of vehicles driving from Capitol Hill to the White House for all the cameras to see. CNN has an opinion piece out that cuts to the chase:

    "We learned nothing you couldn't read in the newspaper," Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley told CNN's Erin Burnett Wednesday night. "It felt more like a dog-and-pony show to me than anything else," Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I guess it has something to do with this 100 days in office."
    Remember this: Donald Trump's experiences over the last decade and a half are in the world of reality TV. That's a place where how things look matters. A lot. Where power dynamics are on display for all to see. Where faking it until you make it is the law of the land.
    The fact that the White House was cagey on whether Trump would even be at the meeting -- and that he only stopped by for 14 minutes of the hour-long briefing -- further reinforces the message that Trump is the main actor in this drama while the senators are minor players. That he is a very busy guy who can't spend a whole lot of time with the US Senate -- even though they did come to the White House to hear from him and his advisers.​
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    Right there.

    We all know Trump gets his briefings from (fake) news media, so he saw something he wanted to share to the world (never mind the world already saw it).
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    More bull to make some pro-Trump headlines, if that is possible. It would have made more sense for this briefing which sounds like it was worthless, to happen at the Capitol.
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    If I were a senator, I would never have even boarded the bus. No point in doing so. What a waste of time and money. Something that Trump seems to be good at.
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    Not like congress was doing anything anyways.

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