Trump's inauguration speech

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    I usually come here and disagree with the more left leaning folks on the board, in full disclosure I do that because I want to understand their viewpoint better. Sometimes I can understand even if I disagree, others I cannot.

    Anyway, my question is about Trumps inauguration speech. I've been reading journalists saying that the speech had anti-Semitic overtones. I listened to it a couple of times and cannot see where this comes from.

    Do you folks feel this way about his speech? If so, why?
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    Yeah, don't believe a word they say. Remember fake news, that's what they are all going to be about now. Liberals are just fearful that Trump is going to be successful, because if (hopefully when) that happens, they will be irrelevant.
  4. aaronvan, Jan 21, 2017
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    The Leftist-Liberal Media Complex perfected fake news and now they're promulgating fake history.

    In 1940 the America First Committee used the slogan "America First!" and their objective was to keep the United States neutral in WWII. Remember, this was just about twenty years after the carnage of the First World War, and millions of Americans were tired of fighting and dying in Europe for European wars that had nothing to do with the United States. We didn't approve of Hitler; however, we still had an American embassy in Berlin (and Tokyo for that matter) and we weren't exactly chomping at the bit for another war. The America First Committee dissolved itself three days after Pearl Harbor and the United States once again pulled Europe's chestnuts out of the fire.

    John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Frank Lloyd Wright, Sinclair Lewis, Sargent Shriver, Gore Vidal, and many other prominent Americans were members of the America First Committee. Not exactly a bunch of anti-Semites.

    However, today's Democratic Party is so in love with war, bombing, droning, and regime change that they are trying to recast America's reluctance to enter WWII as right-wing fascism and claiming that the slogan "America First" is anti-Semitic. Because, you know, anyone reluctant to enter WWII must love Hitler. Just like today: if you believe massing NATO forces on the Russian border is a needless provocation then you love Putin. And if you think the U.S. should stay out of the ME, then you are an isolationist. Democrats are raving, bloodthirsty lunatics. Vlad the Impaler would refuse to be a Democrat.

    If you want to educate yourself further on this era I highly recommend this magisterial tome. It's 900 pages of fascinating U.S. history.

    Incidentally, Trump can't be Hitler because Hitler only had one inaugural ball. :D
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    I found the speech boring, divisive, and uninspiring, just like Trump the man. However, I did not detect anti-Semitism, and I lean heavily to the left.

    @aaronvan: Erm... We did not come to the rescue of Europe. Germany declared war on us, as did Italy, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, so our fighting in WWII in Europe was not as altruistic as you make it sound.
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    All Your Memes Are Belong to US
    It's an anti-globalist message of course the media is going to slander it.
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    The problem with the America First people, regardless of their membership or political affiliation is this: They were wrong. They were wrong about the menace Hitler posed, not just to people in Europe, but to the entire safety and security of the world. They were willfully blind to the persecution of the Jews - something that was plain to see years before Pearl Harbor.

    I challenge anyone to come up with a scenario in which the United States, or indeed the entire geopolitical system, would be somehow better off if the United States had avoided war with Nazi Germany. The two most likely scenarios in that event would be the total domination of the Eurasian landmass, from the coast of Ireland to Vladivostok in the Pacific by either Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.

    America Firsters were wrong in 1940. And America First is equally wrong in 2017.
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    Well.. I disagree with your assessment of the speech. But I am glad that you did not sense the anti-Semitism.
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    I am not here to debate WWII. But how is it wrong for a nation to put itself first? Or it is just wrong for America?
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    There is no Great War ongoing, America First simply means that they will put the priorities of the US before appeasing other world nations. There will be no apology tours, Americans will be alowed to be patriotic again.

    The US needs to get their **** straight at home before they go dump money into other countries.
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    Nice strawman.

    Not at all. It is common sense for a nation to seek self-preservation. However, when leftist-liberals become entrenched, nation-states become depressed, forlorn, masochistic and suicidal. Europe is a perfect example of a civilizational suicide in progress.
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    Jan 4, 2002

    President Trump’s inauguration speech was written by two of the president’s closest aides and not Trump himself, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

    A White House official told the Journal that Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior advisor Stephen Miller penned the address.

    Aides claimed before the speech that Trump was writing it on his own, and Trump even posted a photo to social media of himself with a pen and a pad that he claimed showed him writing the speech.

    Haaaaaa! What a compulsive lier this guy is.
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    Are the same people who made it illegal to patriotic the same ones that were waging the war on Christmas?

    Please cite for me any law, executive order, policy, or initiative of any of the last dozen or so Presidential Administrations that, in any way imaginable, sought to curtail, restrict, or outlaw American's public or private display and expressions of patriotism.

    You cannot. Because it simply didn't happen. And neither did the "apology tour".

    And that's the problem with Trump people. They just invent an entire reality that doesn't exist.
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    "Much of the speech was written by Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, two of Mr. Trump’s top advisers, a White House official said."

    This is the only mention in that link of who wrote the speech. So, somebody mentioned to someone at the WSJ that these two also wrote parts of the speech and all of a sudden Trump is a liar again.

    Absolutely ridiculous.
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    Irrelevant? How? Is Donald Trump immortal? Will there never be anyone after him?
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    with all due respect, **** this. Germany had no way to reach the US in a meaningful way. Sending all those kids to death was not to defend the American soil.
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    Jan 8, 2015
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    THANK YOU! It is a sad and PATHETIC day in America when we have to constantly point out the obvious, due to the "interpretation" of the childish.

    Tump says, "I love this country and it's people".

    "Ooh OOH OOH how can I make this seem like a bad thing", says the liberal.


    "Donald Trump suggests that America owns people. You know, like slaves. Therefore, suggesting Americans are slaves."

    Happens every time. Like when all of the news articles stated crap like, "DeVos says grizzlies are the reason schools should have guns". Then you watch the video and realize how manipulative they are trying to be, for those who are too lazy to look into their nonsense, and take a headline's word for it.
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    I didn't hear any anti-Semitic anything in that speech. Anyone who did is reaching. In fact, I liked President Trump's inauguration speech, just how I liked both of President Obama's inauguration speeches.

    The only thing that bothered me about President Trump's speech was that it sounded a little anti-NATO to me. We cannot abandon our allies.
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    I agree with you in that we cannot abandon our allies, especially NATO.
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    Maybe not at the time Germany declared war on the US, but they were clearly technologically ahead of us - it was only a matter of time before they brought the fight to us. Our participation in WWII was not only in defense of our homeland, but morally justified - it's disturbing that you don't see it that way.
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    Aug 4, 2010
    Do you agree that our NATO allies do not pay their fair share?
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    Jan 24, 2012
    Any links to said journalists? Or was it only some random blog on the internet..

    I heard a lot of dismissive terms regarding his speech (and saved me the time to listen to it since I find him extremely depressing) but being antisemite wasn't one of them.
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    Dec 29, 2014
    The press is building on their already fake narrative in an effort to delegitimize his Presidency. They fear he's going to absolutely evicerate King Obamas legacy, and he will.
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    I have no intention of googling it for you. I believe it was MSNBC and ABC but I'm not positive.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Exactly! Nothing pains some people more than having to think. So in their zeal to accept whatever they read that matches their bias they are susceptible to an incredible level of gullibility.

  24. Septembersrain Contributor


    Dec 14, 2013
    I don't feel like it did at all. I feel that people can dislike someone to the point that they misinterpret said persons words. That or they overanalyze the words and place meaning where there is none. If you're looking for something negative, you're sure to find it.
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    Seriously, @aaronvan - this is so historically illiterate that if a student had handed such utter drivel up to me in an essay or a paper, we would've been compelled to have a small chat about what actually constitutes history, and I would have followed that up with trying to impress on the student that history is not a cartoon fantasy.

    While writing nonsense about 'fake history' - and blinkered and blinded by your political preferences - you are clearly missing the importance of the real stuff.

    Hitler declared war on the US, because 1) he was allied to Japan, but 2) he was convinced that it was only a matter of time before the US declared war on him and he thought to make it preemptive rather than inevitably reactive.

    More relevantly, the US didn't "save" Europe; if anyone did, the Brits did initially by hanging on grimly until the end of 1941, (and Lend-Lease - which Roosevelt had to fight to get passed - was of genuine and massive assistance), and, more importantly, the Russians did.

    It was the enormous battles in the east - after the idiotic German decision to invade Russia - battles such as Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk, that - ultimately - bled the Germans white - they lost millions - in the endless steppes of Russia.

    Stalin (and the Brits) had been pleading with the US for a second front in Europe. Indeed, by the time of the Normandy invasion, this was the third front in Europe.

    By the summer of 1944, the Russians were beginning to beat the Germans back from Russian soil, into what is now Eastern Europe, the Brits were halfway up the peninsula of Italy (along with that complete cretin, General Mark Clark), and Normandy was the third front.

    You didn't "save" anyone; rather, you realised that the Russians might get to Berlin before you got your skates on.

    Excellent post, even though you are pointing out what should be basic (and one would hope) known historical facts. Not "fake history". Uncomfortable facts.

    Re the speech itself: No, while it was a bleak, ungenerous, dark - and dystopian - at times an almost vengeful - vision, offered by a dreadful public speaker, I didn't see any expression of anti-Semitism.

    More historical illiteracy.

    But, the Russians - or rather, Soviets, did indeed construct something of the sort. They called it the Iron Curtain.

    As I pointed out, above, they weren't defending American soil, as much as American allies and American interests, and an American 'sphere of interest'.

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