Trump's Policy-making Procedure

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    Today, we have new proof that Trump's policy-making procedure is to just do whatever the last person who spoke to him told him to do.

    One of Donald Trump's campaign promises was to get the US out of the Paris environmental accord. But, it seems as though he's now considering staying in the accord, after talking to European heads of state this week. Importantly, however, someone convinced him not to make a final decision until next week, giving advisors in Washington the chance to change his mind again (assuming they have enough time to actually talk to him over all the scandal-related news he has to deal with).

    It'll be interesting to see if the anti-Paris people manage to be the last people to speak to him before he makes his decision. I guess we'll get to find out soon.

    Here's some material from a WaPo article on the subject:

    Trump is considering remaining in the 2015 Paris environmental accord, a decision that would be a striking turnabout for a president who during his campaign pledged to scrap the agreement and has routinely labeled climate change a “hoax.”

    “His views are evolving,” said National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, who accompanied Trump at the G-7 summit. “He came here to learn. He came here to get smarter.”

    Cohn said Trump feels “much more knowledgeable” on the topic and “learned how important it is for the United States to show leadership.” For instance, Cohn said, the European leaders impressed upon Trump that a global agreement, even if more than 100 nations sign on, has little power if it is not endorsed by the United States.

    “The president, he digested that,” Cohn said. “That was a meaningful moment for him.”​

    BTW, one other interesting tidbit from the article:

    Cohn said that Trump did not want his G-7 partners to think he did not care about the environment, so the president told them, “The environment is very, very important to me, Donald Trump.”

    Trump also told his counterparts that he has won environmental awards in the past, Cohn said. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker has found no evidence of any such awards — aside from one issued by a golf association for his New Jersey golf course — and environmentalists have strongly criticized many of his real estate projects over the years.​
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    What does Putin think about it? Has Trump had a chance to discuss it with him? Perhaps over a secure back channel?
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    You know, I'm getting very impatient with Trump learning about issues after he was elected. Every time he says something like this, it's an admission that he didn't know what the hell he was talking about when he was on the campaign trail.

    He did know the other guy wasn't named Donald Trump too, didn't he?

    I saw this part of the story too. He's such a sad, pathetic liar.
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