Trump's voters truly are authoritarian followers

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    I think a lot of people are overlooking how on-message Donald Trump has been to his audience, America's authoritarian followers. If you look at the results of the New Hampshire exit polls, for example, you can see that Trump has a wide following that cuts across many socioeconomic groups. This seems to confuse a lot of people, especially in the media, who are accustomed to the idea of the "self-interested voter", a presumed member of some social class, ethnic group, or whatever. That view is wildly off the mark with Trump. Look at the results here:

    Which social or economic groups does Trump represent? Answer: wrong question. Trump is appealing directly to a psychological class of voters who are widely distributed across most other groups. To a remarkable degree, Trump's playbook is right here;

    In U.S. politics, you can find that Trump has plenty of antecedents, although few have actually made it to the White House. On the RWAS, I would say that while virtually every single President ranks pretty high on the social dominance scale, only Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson actually made it while playing the bully and simultaneously appealing largely to authoritarian followers.

    Today's NY Times has an article talking about the similarities with Jackson. (I guess Woodrow Wilson is still sacrosanct.) The NYT op-ed is here:

    How many voters are more swayed by the direct authoritarian appeal than any other interest, including (socioeconomic) self-interest? About 38% apparently.

    (An aside about the "right-wing" part of the RWA scale. I'm in the group of people who consider it an artifact of our times. e.g. In the old Soviet Union, not without reason, the hard-core Bolsheviks and later Stalinists were referred to in later years as the "right wing" for good reason. They were, of course, "left wing" economically speaking, but, very authoritarian. There has been a debate about the "right wing" term for years.)
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    Trump & BS are both seeming anti establishment, and obviously not everyone follows EVERYTHING the candidates say .

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