Trying to download Pangu English v.1.1 - DDOS???

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by srf4real, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. srf4real, Aug 5, 2016
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    the Pangu site seems to stall out at download link. Or am I just bummed to be on Eastern Time when it's 7: pm in sunny Cali forn i a...

    I want that cert that lasts until April 2017! my 7 day certificate expired and it's time to reload the Pangu app, but not finding many details on how or why this new cert will be better and if I am on a time crunch to get it loaded on my phone before Apple finds a way to interfere.

    On the bright side, my favorite thing about this Pangu jb on 9.3.3 iP6 is actually the battery life. I only seem to consume 40% of battery life during my day when previously I could be getting 20% warnings if I have watched any video. Even my bt earbuds are using less battery. Stoked!

    edit: I found the files through redmond pie and downloaded thru firefox here:!LwlGQBKD!JsycD1fzJJj0vpLe2K4sWKVhNGNLOy7l46Roh8FyZMo

    I had trouble initially because I forgot to delete Pangu 1.0 from my phone and was getting errors in the impactor from Saurik. Once I did that, the jb was as smooth as v.1 English and now my phone is back to the way I want it. Certificate valid thru April '17.. Sweet
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    The reason why the enterprise certificate in v1.1 is better is because you won't have to re-sign the ipa every 7 days. The enterprise certificate will stop working april 2017. If you're still on iOS 9.3.3 at that time, you'll have to go with the free 7 day option (re-sign every 7 days) or buy one of those 3rd party provisioning license (lasts 1 year)

    From my understanding, inserting the enterprise certificate also adds an entry in the hosts file to preventing apple from doing the occasional check to see if the certificate has been revoked or not

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