Trying to figure out why Apple TV deletes purchased TV shows after viewing

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mpstrex, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I searched around to see if anyone else brought this up, but didn't see it. If I missed it, please forgive me.

    Anyway, I have the latest Apple TV, software up-to-date. It's much better than the VUDU I've had for a couple of years now. I.e., I love it! But here's an issue that has me scratching my head...

    I have some TV shows I recently purchased on my MacBook Pro via iTunes. Everything synced beautifully (and quickly) to the Apple TV. What's weird is after I watch a TV show, it disappears/deletes off the Apple TV.

    I go back into iTunes and click on the Apple TV, and I notice the shows that were deleted, aren't check marked anymore. I check it and hit sync, but they don't go back onto the Apple TV.

    Can someone help me to figure out why this is happening, and what I can do to stop it? What if I want to watch the show again? What if I watch it, but my girlfriend hasn't seen it. And no, I don't want to watch it on the MBP--that's why I have an Apple TV.


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    In iTunes there is an option to sync only unwatched items, could this be your problem?

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