Trying to run x2 OSX and 1x win7 on my Haswell rMBP using rEFIt

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    Nov 16, 2011
    Hi There,

    Trying to run 2x OSX and 1x win7 on my Haswell rMBP. To minimise the confusion and thread length I want to ask you to stick to my question.

    Some background:
    I use one OSX installation for my daily work. The Win7 partition I use for pc only lighting visualisation software which is heavy for the GPU so something like parales is not ideal. I also have some accounting software which is pc only. The other instance of OSX i use for live performances. So i need this Instance to be as clean as possible. It does not go online and it has only the bare minimum of software installed.

    The work ive managed to do so far:
    I’ve installed OSX and win7 on my Haswell rMBP. Checked if i could boot to WIN7 and OSX 10.9. It all worked ok so I went into system recovery by holding “command R” during a restart. In there i’ve made an new partition and installed (via timemachine) the second instance of OSX. I then restarted to my first instance of OSX and installed rEFIt. I then restarted and saw two instals of OSX and one of win7. Everything seemed ok but now when i try to boot the win7 partition i get the message:

    “No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key”

    If i then hook up my dvd player and insert the usb stick with the windows support files and hit a key nothing happens. Restarting and trying to reinstall win7 also does not work as the drivers for the apple keyboard and mouse are not recognised when installing without bootcamp so I can't guide win7 setup through the installation process.

    It seems as if I need to go to the bios (is there such a thing on my mac!?) and point the win7 installation to the right boot device as I sometimes needed to do on in my pc days?

    Really hope someone can give me some help!


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    Nov 16, 2011
    I have a theorie on what causes the problem:

    First I made one OSX partition, Then I installed win7, that was the second partition and thirdly I installed the second osx partition. I made the second OSX partition out of the available hfs+ OSX partition because OSX wont let me repartition the bootcamp NTFS partition. By repartitioning the hfs+ OSX partition the disk order changed.

    First I had:
    Disk 1: OSX, disk 2: WIN7

    And after installing OSX for the second time I had:
    Disk1: OSX, disk2: OSX, Disk: 3 WIN7.

    WIN7 when installed was running on the second disk but after installing OSX for the second time WIN7 is running on the third disk...

    I think this might have caused the problems?

    If anybody knows on how i can edit the boot device on win7: tips are very much appreciated!

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