TSA Scanners can store, send images

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by nbs2, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Yeah, I know, I am to the TSA as <certain users> are to the NWO. Only, I'd like to think I'm a little more justified.

    CNN link. I don't know much about the Electronic Privacy Information Center, but their findings and allegations certainly are damning. I'm curious to see how the TSA proceeds in the face of these accusations.

    Allegedly, images can be saved or transmitted in "test mode" but further information is needed to determine how this mode is activated. Should it be a software setting, that would be a serious problem for TSA in the event that any rogue tin-badgers decide to keep certain images.

    Additionally, I am curious - if the images aren't to be saved, if there is an incident where an individual does have a banned substance, how will they retain a record of such information? That is, if the person consents to the scan and an item is found, they will likely be held for further investigation. There is nothing to stop the TSA from engaging in fishing expeditions to find those with banned items. They can stop any person they choose, claim that they have been identified, and give them another screening. That person cannot challenge the reasoning or rationale for the additional screening, as the image of them will be erased, and at the very least, cannot be saved.
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    This whole thing is going to turn into a big mess IMO. There should be no storage media even hooked up to these machines, they should be constantly scanning/rewriting over the same block of memory with no capability of saving. If these things even have hard drives in them they have went too far IMO.
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    TSA staff will have an underground "nudie pic" collection of Americans they sell and exchange... This is an abuse waiting to happen...

    Personally I am more worried about the radiation from these new machines...
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    IntheNet standing up for civil rights! Cats and dogs living together! It's armeggedon!
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    We don't have any rights anymore....

    ...we've been taken over by TSA, and our own security people here in UK airports.

    You can't argue with these people, you can't express an opinion.

    You have to take it, or don't bother travelling.

    I think Al Qaeda, and many others, have won in this respect.

    We've lost our freedom to travel. I'm dreading my trip to the USA this Saturday 16th January from here in the UK.

    ...let the miserable no-fun journey begin :mad:
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    I agree with you, but (Devils Advocate) I believe they want to hold onto the data so that, god forbid, in the event something did happen they can trace back to where the failure happened.
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    You gave me a good laugh.
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    Well, the short and flip answer is, better start working out because that MW image is going on the internet. If you're famous or interesting, that will only accelerate the migration of such an image to intertubes.

    I've been told that the MW systems are roughly the equivalent of standing in front of a Cathode Ray TV. The back-scatter systems, however, use a x-ray beam, so I'm not sure what the exposure differences are. It appears that the TSA has mostly focused on MW scanners.
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    At least the TSA exists. :p

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