Turkey extends state of emergency, moves closer to dictatorship

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by thewitt, Oct 30, 2016.

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    While the world watches the three-ring circus in the US, Turkey continues its move toward and anti-Western dictatorship.

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    That'll create lots of refugees that we can't afford feed and house. Sounds great.
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    What would traditionally happen here is the Army would take over on behalf of the people and reinstate secular democracy and eventually relinquish power to an elected President... but Erdogan has Islamicized his government and hopes to preclude or at least forestall that by also having placed people loyal to him in the military at high places. Sort of like in Venezuela only with more dispatch and sheer ruthlessness.

    Anyway it doesn't look good for Gulen followers, Kurds, any dissident academics and professionals in general, left-leaners in particular, and the press which last is very unfortunate since that's how people understand what is happening. Now Erdogan hopes they will hear and absorb only whatever he wishes to communicate. This never works in the long run but guys like him keep trying. Live by sword, invite death by it down the road but at terrible cost to the people for who knows how long.

    Meanwhile Erdogan suggests again reinstating the death penalty... of course...

    Speaking to reporters at a reception marking the Republic Day on Saturday, Erdogan said the nation wanted the reinstatement of the death penalty, a debate which has emerged following the coup attempt, and added that delaying it would not be right.

    "I believe this issue will come to the parliament," he said, and repeated that he would approve it, a move that would sink Turkey's hopes of European Union membership. Erdogan shrugged off such concerns, saying that much of the world had capital punishment.
    Ironic that Turkey, until recently considered a democratic and secular influence in the region, now slides away from the West to a past being amended by some Muslim countries in the Middle East who are trying to modernize and democratize for benefit of its ordinary citizens even while remaining monarchies or emirates.
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    Such a shame. I think a lot of this arises from the EU not accepting Turkey earlier. What's worse is that I think Turkey might start looking East for alliances.
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    Mar 3, 2010
    Not really. It arises from Erdogan's need to get rid of his neighbor Mr. Assad.
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    Hey, that's yet another of our "great allies", don't confuse cracking down on their own citizens with being "anti-Western". Remember that Erdogan, regardless of whatever current trouble or rhetoric may be going on, he's our asset through and through.

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