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Discussion in 'Games' started by zap2, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Well i have a DS lite, and love my Advance Wars: DS, and i have been looking into getting Advanced Wars 2 for my Game Boy Mirco(the thing is SO tiny and perfect to put in my pocket and take anywere) but i was thinking about how i need some new games for my GBM, i'd like some Turn Based Strategy and RPGs. Does anyone have a few games from other types that really make the GBM fun?
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    May 31, 2006
    Advance Wars 1 and 2 are great GBA games. although ive never played them, i have heard the Fire Emblem series is a good turn based strategy too. check that out.
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    I've still yet to play FFT but always wanted to....
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    If you like turn-based strategy and RPGs you have to play Shining Force: The Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. You can get it for like $10-$15 used and it was one of the best games ever made for the Sega Genesis. Basically, the in the game play you walk around towns and speak to people between battles Zelda style but battles are turn-based strategy. Not anywhere near as hard as Advance Wars but satisfying in their own way.

    Also for turn based strategy, I guess I would recommend Final Fantasy Tactics Advance although the fun of this game is more about leveling your characters in the job system to get the perfect clan rather than the story IMO. Basically, your characters can choose between several jobs per race and get abilities by using magical weapons in battle. Every battle provides a certain number of ability points. Once a character learns an ability you can sell that weapon and buy another. It is pretty much like Final Fantasy VIII if I remember correctly...Finally, there are judges in the battles that set laws like "no swords" so if you use a sword during that battle more than once that character goes to jail. This can be offset by trading cards that you can use to change the laws. Anyway, that is FFT in a nutshell...

    Other RPGs I would recommend are Final Fantasy IV and the upcoming V and VI, Golden Sun I & II (if you like Shining Force you will probably like these). For adventure/RPG Zelda Minish Cap is a MUST have (I just beat it) and also the classic AlttP.

    I hear that Tactics Ogre and the Fire Emblem games are good too but I haven't tried them yet.

    Finally, anyone with a GBA should get at least one of the Super Mario Advance games (I know it's not strategy/rpg but a necessity just the same). My favorite is Mario 3 but others like Mario World or Yoshi's Island best. They are really all great.
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    Fire Emblem and Advance Wars are brother and sister. The games are so similar but they do have thier little differences. Fire Emblems characters die (forever), theres no factory to make new ones, you can visit houses, long range can move and attack in one go, significantly less levels but a better gaming experience IMO.

    Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are said to be very, very good. I tried FFTA but replaced it for another game, forgot which!

    That's all I've played in tactical/strategy games on the GBA. but I'm keeping an eye on this thread as I want to get a few more myself :)

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