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Discussion in 'Community' started by Thomas Veil, May 30, 2005.

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    OBJECTIVE reality

    The article does go on to talk about other problem-causing noise in our modern environment. Even such things as lawn mowers sound scary by the time they're through describing the hearing loss that can result.

    I've got a noticeable hearing loss myself -- at 48, well in the age range that the article describes. My loss, I think, is primarily genetic; my dad had the same problem at about the same age. And I was never one for loud rock concerts, heavy metal music, or any of that. I'm just unlucky in the genetics sweepstakes.

    But it's enough to give me pause, reading that article. Like some of the folks described in the article, I've also got tinnitus; I also can't afford more than a basic hearing aid right now; but I also want something better than those dorky over-the-ear hearing aids that make everyone look old.

    Speaking of which...I guess I'm giving you the "old guy lecture" by posting this article, but believe me, you don't want to be my age and be always asking people to repeat themselves, and watching TV with the closed captions on. So take it easy with the iPods, hmm?
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    Good advice. :)

    One thing I found that helps in some environments (when too much isolation is not dangerous) is in-ears... or noise reducers, for those of you who like over-the ears. In a room with three or four desktop computers and a refrigerator humming, I can actually hear my iPod at the very lowest setting (one tiny click above zero) with in-ears.... Wow. Of course, you have to lower the volume as the result of the isolation. If you just use it to get even louder sound, it's probably worse than before. :(

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