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turn ibook off = hear radio


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Jun 7, 2005
the weirdest thing happens when I turn off my ibook. If I leave my earphones plugged in and on my ears, once the power dies and the screen goes black I can hear a station from the radio over my earphones for a few seconds. is this normal?

look forward to seeing if its happening to anybody else. :)


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Aug 2, 2005
Ossining, NY
Interesting... are you located near any towers, or in a city? It's possible that the length of the headphone cable is just right for picking up a local station, or that the actual headphone amp inside the ibook is picking it up as it's capacitors discharge. Inductive reception.

At the theatre where I work, there's a radio station about a half mile away. When equipment is off (or sometimes when its on, unfortunately) we can hear the station. Very common through keyboard and bass amplifiers.... and our wireless mic system.

The oddest was when i was working for a security systems company, and there was this family that was hearing people talking through their household intercom late at night. Turns out that a cell tower had gone up about a block away, and it would bleed through around 2am. Cell phone conversations house-wide. Drove them nuts until i installed some ferrite beads around the interconnecting wires, which were acting like huge antennas. Solved the prob.


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Jun 25, 2002
LaLaLand, CA
Sometimes if I have my speakers turned up too high, when I turn my computer off, you can still hear the TV. I think it's the cable box. I had one of those digital ones that you leave on all the time, just turn off the TV, but it was pretty close to the speakers. Not a big deal, but kinda freaks you out if you aren't paying attention.

Makes you wonder about all of those stray signals going all over the place all the time.


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Jun 6, 2005
the ruins of the Cherokee nation
It happens...

When i had a tongue crib (a device for correcting a tongue thrust) i could heard a faint radio transmission while sitting in the back of my parents car (which had an old-style cell phone antenna right above where i sat).

Basically i figured that the antenna, combined with the fairly large, webbed piece of metal in the top of my mouth allowed me to occasionally hear radio signals.

Yes, this happened more than once, and no i was not drinking!

So is it possible with your iBook...sure. Most devices have to accept certain types of interference, and this seems like what is happening when you shut everything down and have the headphones in.



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Aug 30, 2003
When Gilligan had this problem, a blow to the mouth cured it. It's too bad that iBooks don't have mouths.
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