Turning G5 into TiVo monster?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by KLJennings, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. KLJennings macrumors member

    Jul 12, 2003
    Fairview, NC
    Since TiVo is basically a big hard drive run by TiVo software, it would seem to me that there would be a way to turn my future Dual 2 into a phat TiVo Monster Machine. Has anyone done it? Can it be done?
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    May 4, 2002
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    Jul 3, 2003
    Re: Turning G5 into TiVo monster?

    I've never tried it on a Mac but I've done it on a PC and, frankly, it isn't worth the hassle. I didn't skimp on the hardware. AMD XP1800+ (near the top of the heap at the time) and an ATI 8500DV video card.

    The first thing I noticed after assembling everything is that the software just plain sucked. Using ATI's software, I only had a week of program data and no way to automatically record upcoming shows. Every few days, I had to manually update the program guide and manually select shows to record. That sucked. Then there was the fact that it wouldn't record in the background if I was playing games. That made my brand new ~$500 machine a dedicated box. TV only. Then there was the way the TV-on-Demand functions never functioned reliably. They'd only work for an hour or two after booting. Then I'd just get a quick pause and back to live TV.

    I tried a few other software packages but nothing was stable enough to justify spending additional money on a PC solution. There were a few linux projects hitting maturity but that was a lot of work and would have totally locked the box into a single role machine since I wouldn't be able to run any of my games at any time.

    After a few months, I bought a Tivo. I love it. It does nearly everything I wanted my PC solution to do and it does it well. It doesn't crash. All of the functions work all of the time. My PC is free to do whatever I want whenever I want. I can let it run for weeks (or months) without having to do anything but just watch TV.

    Bottom line: If you want a Tivo, buy a Tivo. You won't be able to create a better or more reliable product on your own.
  4. Lanbrown macrumors 6502a

    Mar 20, 2003
    Buy a ReplayTV and use DVArchive. DVArchive runs on anything that can run Java and emulates and ReplayTV 4xxx or 5xxx box. These have Ethernet built-in so all you have to do is get them connected to your network and go from there.

  5. KLJennings thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 12, 2003
    Fairview, NC
    Thanks guys. These are things to think about.
  6. peterjhill macrumors 65816


    Apr 25, 2002
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    dvarchive is cool. It will let you easily transfer shows to your mac and watch with VLC. I like the tivo's and the home media option, but the replay tv with dvarchive rocks.

    I always use my powerbook to watch mcgyver and enterprise episodes while I am washing dishes.

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