Turnout at Berkeley Lower Than Other Schools

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by macktheknife, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Jan 24, 2002
    Read all about it here:



    In fact, about half of the protesters were a bunch of middle and high school kids the organizers rounded up. My cousin was actually attending the class described in the article, and he said that the protesters were indeed disruptive. Even after the protesters left the auditorium, they made sure all the doors were open so that the noise from the protest would get through, finally forcing the professor to cancel the class.

    You can probably tell, I'm not too pleased with the actions of these protesters, but please, no disparaging remarks about my alma mater. :) UC Berkeley is not a school full of hedonistic, drug-addicted hippies. It is fine academic institution that has literally changed the way the world thinks in the sciences, humanities, engineering, social sciences, etc. (Remember that both Jobs and Woz attended Berkeley!) Yes, there is leftist slant, but it is no different than other universities across the nation. The city of Berkeley itself is run by a bunch of bleeding-heart leftist holdovers from the 60s who continue to pass meaningless resolutions, fight for the rights of the homeless instead of the students and residents, and fight against any new housing construction while wondering why housing is so expensive.

    Quite frankly, I think many students are tired of this game, and the relative apathy towards the "protest" is a manifestation of this trend. I think many students are also tired of their school's name being dragged into the mud and seeing so many meaningless protests disrupt their daily lives.
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    Protesting is a waste of time. They don't work and just cost more lives becasue of procrastanation and hesitation of action.

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    That protest was soooo sad.

    It wasted my valuable study time for my midterm! Crazy loud high schoolers on my campus.....

    Honestly, Berkeley can have the most insane days.... and about its politics... especially "rent control"... don't get me started on its uselessness.

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    Exactly. :D The left-wing radicals can't get enough college students on their side, so they enlist middle and high school teenagers as part of their protests. It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to figure out that middle and high schoolers will say "Hell ya'!" to a walkout faster than a college student.

    Yes, don't get me started on rent control. :mad:
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    And the students speak . . .

    Read the original here:



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