[Tut] How to get Siri on your iDevice w/ AssistantConnect (Vid & Step by Step)

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    Video Tutorial

    Step by Step

    iPhone 4S Steps:
    1. Open Cydia and Search "AssistantConnect4S"
    2. Install and Reboot
    3. Open AssistantConnect and close it
    4. Reboot again
    5. Open AssitantConnect again and run Siri
    6. After running Siri, press "Email Siri Data"

    iPhone & iPod touch Steps:
    1. Open Cydia and search "AssistantConnect"
    2. Install it and Respring
    3. It might ask you to install Spire, which is also needed.
    4. After both are installed. Open SBSettings
    5. Tap "More" and go to Mobile Substrate Addons
    6 . Turn Off "SpireHook" & SpireInjector
    7. Make sure Siri is enabled in the Settings App
    8. Go to your email that has the Siri data that was sent from the iPhone 4S
    9. Tap on the attachment and tap on "Open in AssistantConnect"
    10. Reboot and Done!

    iPad Steps:
    1. Go to iFile
    2. Head to System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app/
    3. tap on K93AP.plist and use "Property List Viewer"
    4. Tap on capabilities and find "iPad"
    5. Turn it off and press Done
    6. Reboot and begin the steps listed for the iPhone and iPod touch
    7. Turn "iPad" option in iFile back on
    8. Reboot and done

    Siri on the iPad 2 has limitations unlike the iPhone and iPod touch because it doesn't have Weather, Stocks, Compass, etc and making Siri use those features will crash the iPad
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    I'm sure someone will ask, so if you don't have sbsettings installed no you don't need it.

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