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    Jun 2, 2003
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    a friend of mine needs a Graphics card for Mac that has a TV-out and operates under OSX panther. Some i have seen are ATI 9800 Pro Mac (too expensive) and ATI Radeon Mac edtion (don't know if it is OSX capable) any info on these cards and where to get them for a good deal would be helpful. Any other good video cards with a TVout for Mac is also welcome right now.
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    The old Radeon 7000 has what you're looking for.

    $85 on Froogle

    From ATI website above.

    • Incredible 3D/2D graphics performance
    • Flexible dual-display support
    • Powered by the ATI RADEON™ 7000 MAC EDITION graphics processor
    • 32MB of powerful double data rate (DDR) memory
    • Features HYPERZ™ technology for improved performance
    • Powerful 3D graphics performance
    • Full OpenGL® and QuickTime™ support
    • DVI interface for digital flat panel support
    • Video-output (S-Video and Composite) for TV output support
    • DVD playback
    • PCI (66MHz or 33MHz)
    • Designed and manufactured by ATI
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    Apr 21, 2004
    I don't think (ati at least) has made a graphics card in a long time that doesn't have either composite or s-video out. Bear in mind though that if for some reason the card can't output 640x480 to the TV out, your picture is going to look like garbage, because the pixels won't line up. Whatever you end up getting, check the specs first to make sure. I had this problem with my 9000 pro for my PC. It won't go lower than 800x600, so anything looks really bad.
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    Jun 2, 2003
    Between a rock and a midget
    thanks for your responses. The ATI 9000 for Mac doesn't have a TV out, but does anyone know anything about the 8500? its AGP and seems like what i need. Is it a good card? Does anyone have any experience with it? thanks

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