TV Shows Missing After Upgrade to iTunes 7 - HELP


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Jul 26, 2006
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I upgraded my iTunes to the new version 7 yesterday. Everything seemed ok. I was impressed with the new features, mainly the Cover Flow. So most of yesterday, I got covers for all my albums.
So today i decided to see what else was improved, on the iTunes store, apart from the movies. I found the link to the FREE Million Hit Low Down. So I signed upto ABC and added the extra featurettes for Desperate Housewives and Lost. - Two series that i'm thinking of downloading.

Clicked on the TV SHOW tab in Libraries, and my previous downloaded shows are missing. I've only been downloading since the start of August, but i paid a lot of money for the shows i've missed/couldn't see on TV.

Season 5 for 24, Aquaman, and Who Wants To Be A Superhero? ALL GONE! There was others but i wasn't really bothered about them.

But what have i done to cause this?
My computer has been running for 1Day 10Hours 55Min. It's been running that long as it was Ripping Lord Of The Rings onto iTunes for most of the night.
The shows were there yesterday, and i closed iTunes down about three hours ago (went to town) but left HandBrake running, and now that i'm back i wanted to watch the new Desperate Housewives featurette - and that's all thats under the TV Show Library, the two i downloaded earlier today, and all the rest are gone.
Did spotlight search, for titles and even .m4v - only ones came up were the movie i've ripped and the two downloaded today.

Anyone else having the same problem where Videos are going missing?


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Jun 22, 2006
I have all my TV/Movies in name only... they show up as being there on iTunes but won't download onto my ipod and won't play on my iTunes... wtf is going on???


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Aug 23, 2006
Sorry to hear this.

I need to check my library to make sure nothing is missing as I haven't backed it up in a while. Would keeping files on an External Hard Disk make any difference?