Twitter’s Lawyer Admits Hiding Tweets With ‘#DNCLeak’ And ‘#PodestaEmails’ Hashtags

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    Twitter was always in bed with the DNC. It's a cesspit of SJWs and run by nutty progressives. They can hide behind their "algorithms" when it comes to censoring content.

    As an example, and from their congressional filing, this is how Twitter determined that an account was 'Russian-linked' when it came to sharing U.S. election-related material, such as the DNC leaks:

    In other words, even when filtering for all accounts with Russian and non-Russian Cyrillic characters, all accounts owned by anybody who had ever visited Russia during the time period, and all accounts with a Russian IP (which would include VPNs or Tor exit nodes), they found just 2% and 4% of the tweets related to the DNC and Podesta leaks, respectively, were 'Russian-linked'.

    This is an embarrassing finding that makes CNN's coverage of Russia's influence using social media look pathetic.
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    It’s not cool, I agree. But a foreign nation trying to influence an election seems more important to me than a company or organization playing politics.
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    Yes, censor all conservative view points because of "teh Russians" tm.
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    You will have to take your grievances up with Mr. Putin. Can I see your Kremlin/Conservative/NK/ Trump is a Dotard pass? Sorry, you’ll have to face extreme vetting.
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    Does that include people retweeting or sharing the same post? The Russians wouldn’t be very successful if it was only Russian agents spreading the propaganda they started and no one else being fooled by it.
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    Agreed, things don't go viral by just one post. People have to like and retweet it to circulate the fake news.
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    You mean like Michael Flynn and several others including Michael Pence? Why that did happen. The goal for any propaganda is to make it seem convincing. Which isn't difficult in the US when you play to people's inner emotions in regard to what they're already upset about. On the other end, if you want to pass wildly unpopular laws that affect a certain group of people, you need to do more than put out memes and videos and ads. You actually have to do something. It doesn't even have to end with people getting hurt or killed.

    Though it would be beyond Trump Administration's ability to frame people, particularly Muslims. They can barely do anything without it being leaked. They make the Watergate burglars look like top tier pros, and those idiots were clumsy.

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