Two adapters to connect monitor to iMac?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by clyde2801, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Not wanting to sound stupid*, but I've got a question involving monitors. Had my eye on a couple of reasonably priced 27" and 23" samsung LED monitors at BB.

    Trouble is, neither one have DVI connections, either VGA:confused: or HDMI. To hook it up to my '11 imac, I'll have to use a Mini display port to dvi on the mac, and then a dvi to HDMI adapter on the monitor. (Since they're trying to clamp down on illegal unauthorized hdmi connectors and cables-yea...)

    The thought of using two adapters sounds hinckey to me, and my gut feeling is that this will prove to be either unstable or result in video degradation. Am I right, or have other people used this method?

    Or, does anyone else have a better idea?

    Thanks in advance for the help, guys.
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    Shouldn't have any issues, especially since the two connections you're using are digital. I had a funny moment a few weeks ago with my monitor when I realized I didn't have a MDP to DVI adapter to hook it up to my iMac. I did, however, have a MDP to HDMI from my now-gone MBP, and a HDMI to DVI from my HTPC Mini. The picture quality is excellent in this setup. I used to have it connected VGA, and the digital HDMI/DVI setup I have now is worlds better :)
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    Mini Display to HDMI for $6.46.

    You need that and a mini display port cable found here...

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