Tyreek Hill’s fiancee on recording: Investigators told me our 3-year-old said ‘Daddy punched me’

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    sad the kid might have 2 dirt bag parents :(
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    Child abuse is always awful, that said...who is Tyreek Hill?

    Edit: Sportsball player, got it
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    far worse when BOTH parents are in it :(
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    Chiefs bar Tyreek Hill from all team activities after hearing leaked audio discussing child abuse
    Crystal Espinal apparently gave the audio tape to a friend, who passed it on to a local Kansas City station

    Just a day after local prosecutors announced that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill would not be charged following a lengthy investigation into allegations of child abuse against his 3-year-old son, local CBS affiliate KCTV in Kansas City obtained and released an 11-minute audio clip of Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, discussing the alleged incident, as well as their general treatment and discipline of their son.

    Adrian Peterson got banned for a season. Can't see how Hill won't be suspended the same.
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    The league is ridiculously inconsistent with disciplinary action.

    Hill has a history. He was kicked off his college football team for beating on his girlfriend. He needs to be out of the league ASAP, but the NFL will wait until they see how everyone else feels about it before they act, per usual. :rolleyes:

    Then again, maybe the league’s response (or lack there of) make sense, because cases like this do raise a question...how much social responsibility should be shouldered by the league or any other business with respect to keeping its employees in line? I think that’s a hard question to answer.

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