U r pwned: hardcore hackers turn to text messaging

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Hmmmm ... So let's see -- AT&T by default doesn't give you texting, so you're unable to receive malicious code. It's like free security protection. If you pay extra for texting, you're also paying extra for the privilege of being hacked. Maybe AT&T should flip this model around -- if you want your phone to be more secure, you pay extra for not having SMS.
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    By default AT&T DOES give you texting: at .20 a pop!

    You can disable texting by request. But otherwise, you can and do receive SMS messages.
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    The SMS hack affected all smartphones, the iPhone-centric nature of the coverage was because of its higher mind share than other devices. And Apple just patched it, so its really a non-issue at this point. Unless someone isn't running iPhone OS 3.0 yet.

    Apple always releases hotfixes at the last possible moment, so the behavior in this case wasn't unusual, but rather normal.

    And the hackers love to make a big deal out of Apple security flaws because they want to make it seem like Apple is worse than MS when it comes to these issues being addressed or anticipated (by designing secure software from the outset instead of repurposing open-source code as-is as with the alleged AirPort wifi driver exploits of a few years back).

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