U.S. deserter alleges atrocities

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    I can believe his claims. american soliders who have been found guilty of mistreating prisoners have got off extremely lightly.

    Also, the fact they are holding the prisoners Guantanamo Bay and treating them like ****, violating the Geneva convention ( ignoring the reasons for the americans say that this doesn't apply - whatEVER... ) . These prisoners haven't had a fair trial, nor where all of them captured in a war zone...

    Important facts that many americans seem not to understand -

    - These prisioners *never* been tried,
    - Not all of them been captured in a war zone

    Two very important facts overlooked.

    americans preach human rights, but really, they themselves, do the opposite.


    U.S. deserter alleges atrocities
    Mar. 30, 2006. 01:47 PM

    A "trigger-happy" U.S. army squad leader shot off the foot of an unarmed Iraqi man and soldiers kicked a severed head around like a soccer ball, a U.S. war deserter told an immigration and refugee board Thursday.
    Joshua Key, the first U.S. deserter with combat experience in Iraq to apply for refugee status in Canada, told the board he witnessed numerous atrocities committed by U.S. forces while serving for eight months as a combat engineer.
    Key said he was never trained on the Geneva Conventions and was told in Iraq that the international law guiding humanitarian standards were "just guidelines."
    "It's shoot first, ask questions later," Key told the board, which is evaluating his bid for asylum in Canada for him, his wife and four young children.
    Key, 27, said he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and frequently has nightmares over what he witnessed in Iraq.
    That includes one incident in which he said he saw U.S. soldiers kick two hooded and naked detainees at a holding facility while escorting them to a grassy area to relieve themselves.
    Key told the hearing he joined the army for steady pay and medical coverage for his family and that he initially went to Iraq as a willing participant because he believed U.S. intelligence claims.
    But Key became disillusioned with the war during his service and decided to abandon his contract with the army during a two-week leave from Iraq in November 2003.
    He and his family lived on the run in Philadelphia before crossing the border at Niagara Falls, N.Y., on March 3, 2005.
    The Oklahoma native now works as a welder in Fort St. John, B.C.
    Key said the army deceived him when he was recruited and promised him in writing that he would not be sent overseas for combat because of the size of his family.
    He and his wife Brandi have four children between the ages of seven months and six years.
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    How sad. How unbelievably sad. My cousin is over there. I hope he's not seeing this to.
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    We know. The people in charge are hypocrites. You'll be happy to know most of us are just oblivious, not complicit. More and more of us are finding it increasingly disturbing.

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