Ugly All-in-One iMac ripoff....


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
barf bag included??

That fugly thing is even less upgradable then an i/eMac is. Also, if you read the rebate offer ($200) it actually costs you an additional $326 ($526 before the rebate :rolleyes: ).

Sun Baked

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May 19, 2002
It is not just a PC, it is a world of entertainment and productivity Center

Not quite an iMac/eMac ripoff, it's more of a modern PC version of the Mac TV.

It would be nice to have some of the features of this PC in an iMac - built in TV and radio tuner, built-in sub-woofer and 5.1 channel speaker jacks, and remote control.

Of course the Mac TV was so popular as a dorm computer it died rather quickly.



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Jan 31, 2002
There is another computer out there with a similar design to the original post's computer. They are advertising it as a Mac killer.

What I find funny is that both of these designs are the same, and its a design Apple rejected when designing the second iMac. I don't know if you remember it, but Steve Jobs talked about the new design and said that the first time the designers brought him the design it was all in one upright encloser. He said that they rejected it and went back to the drawing board because the design wasn't true to all of its components.

Apple billed the first design as inadequate and now other computers are being built with that design.

These computers aren't iMac rip-offs. They are rejected iMac rip-offs. Ha!



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Nov 3, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Re: Ugly All-in-One iMac ripoff....

Originally posted by tjwett
just saw this on the Home Shopping Network and nearly barfed.
It's not an iMac rip-off, it's practically a clone of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) which makes it 5 years out of date to start with.
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