UK Apple Pay Users: Free £5 to spend when you sign up to boon.

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  1. ramanjassal98 macrumors member

    Jul 17, 2014
    Some of you may know that today Apple announced Apple Pay support for the prepaid service boon. By Wirecard in the UK. Once you sign up, you receive a £5 welcome bonus to spend in any location where Contactless/Apple Pay is supported! The service is free but like other prepaid services there is a small fee attached for transferring funds to the account. As long as you don't transfer money to your account (unless you want to of course!) you will not be charged and you are free to use your welcome bonus as you please.

    You can add the card to Apple Pay (which is extremely easily as most of the process is automated) and you should be good to go! According the company the minimum age is 18 however to use boon.Basic, I believe they do not ask you for your age when signing up.

    Let me know how you guys get on!

    Credit: 9to5Mac and Twitter

    Link for the App:

    PS. Unfortunately the offer is only available to UK Residents
  2. redsteeler macrumors member

    Dec 30, 2014
    Boon Apple pay can be also use if you are EU resident. The only condition is to top up the boon account with secure UK Card. Which is also very easy with the following steps: (for non UK residents)

    1. Open the account for Monese card trought IOS app
    2. TOP UP Monese card with SEPA payment
    3. TOP UP BOON with MONESE card.

    Monese card/account can open every EU resident and it is acting like REVOLUT card.
    The only different is that Monese card use secure VISA check which is condition for successful top up of boon card. Bad part is that after 1 month free period monthly charges are 5 Pound.

    These can be easily overcome if new member use invite code of someone ( 2UPZQU4Y ) at the time of making new account when both get 5 Pound after top up on the account of Monese card is done.

    I hope this will help someone to try Apple pay .

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