UK iPad owner with US non credit card account wants to purchase pages. HELP

Discussion in 'iPad' started by emkwan, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. emkwan macrumors regular


    Nov 22, 2009
    Hi guys n gals.

    I'm based in the uk and iv got my hands on an iPad and managed to set up a us iTunes account. However I opted for the account with ought any credit debit card information.

    I'm bake to download free apps but want to purchase pages.

    Can anyone talk me through the process involved? I was thinking of asking some1 I know to get me a US iTunes gift voucher and then purchasing that way. But do I do that through iTunes on my Mac or iPad?

    2nd once I do pages can I transfer the purchase to my UK itunes ACCOUNT?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. ukyo229 Guest

    Jan 27, 2010
    I'm so glad this was not a thread asking for someones credit card number
  3. snapper07 macrumors 6502


    Nov 2, 2007
    Hi I was getting family in the states to buy me gift cards and transferring them the cash, but have since found this site and have purchased a gift card off them with no problems it works using pay pal so seems safe. They send the code within seconds.

    Edit: I've removed the link as i just tried to buy some more iTunes credit and they said they are reviewing my transaction and asked for more details which I supplied but still no iTunes code so until this is resolved I'm not going to recommend a company I'm not 100% happy with.

    Update: I've got the code now. Not as quick this time no reason why I had to go through the extra checks but the codes work so happy to recommend again.
  4. iWoz macrumors 6502a


    Jan 12, 2009
    East Midlands, U.K
    Sorry to hijack your thread, I was curious about doing this but then thought what will happen when the UK store finally opens... Will we be able to transfer lour apps from U.S account to U.K?
  5. MRU Suspended


    Aug 23, 2005
    Right I had to do this so I could get pages/keynote etc..

    The best way is to get a US iTunes gift card. These can be bought cheaply enough on ebay.

    Once you have your iTunes gift card number, you need to set up an American iTunes account. This can be skipped to ## if already setup.

    You will need an American address, if you google businesses etc.. You should be able to ascertain one. I actually set up a bundlebox account and used the address try provided for me.

    Then it will ask you for payment details. It is here you choose the giftcsrd option and input your ebay'd gift card number.

    Hey presto An American account with $ ready to spend.

    ## if you already have an American account simply get your giftcard number bought of ebay and usually emailed to you very quickly, and select redeem code in iTunes store. Enter your gift card numbrr and thats it.

    Now in regards to transfering purchases. You can not, but you do not need to either.

    Having two accounts is not an issue. You can continue to buy apps from your euro zoned iTunes store and try will sync with your iPad jut as easily as they ever did.

    The only time you may have to sign out of iTunes to switch your accounts is when an update is out. US content has to be updated from your US account, and vice versa.

    Not paticularly traumatic and certainly worth it. Especially if your a euro zone user who is not blessed with even an iPad release date (like us in Ireland).
  6. emkwan thread starter macrumors regular


    Nov 22, 2009
    Macrumour user ur a star. Makes perfect sense. I may just try that.

    Interesting tho I came across on the UK ITUNES ACCOUNT an app called Office HD. has both excel and word features. Very very good check the review on youube by theunits3 and only £4.99

    Will purchase that tomorrow god willing. Lol
  7. -Ryan- macrumors 68000

    Jan 28, 2009
    I've bought a lot of Apps off the US store. I'm not too sure the long term usability of this though - I'll probably end up repurchasing them on the UK stores so i don't have to sign in and out of accounts to do updates etc. Its alright for now but it's only a temporary solution.

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