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Other UK iPhone Insurance and Apple Care


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Oct 15, 2020
Hi there,
Its been 4 years since my last upgrade (7+) and looking forward to a shiny new 12 Pro Max, that will hopefully keep me going for another 4 years.

>£1000 is a load to carry in your pocket and while I'm lucky enough to afford a new phone in these uncertain times, I can't afford to do it twice if it gets lost stolen broken etc... So far I've been lucky! never lost a phone and only had one screen repair.

I was thinking of Apple Care/iPhone Upgrade, while its no cheaper it's no more expensive than buying both and paying in full...

Is it true that apple care does not cover lost/stolen phones only repairs to broken phones?

Am I better off adding the phone to my regular home insurance or get it covered as part of benefits provided by my current account? (I pay and additional £10pm for Breakdown, Travel Ins etc)

What do you guys do? and has anyone had any experience of claiming?


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Nov 12, 2017
Apple care only covers broken/damaged phones.

Do you not have a bank account that offers phone insurance? Probably worth looking into that rather than home insurance.
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