UK LAW: Carriers must provide an unlock for a contract phone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by OMGitsShan, Aug 1, 2010.

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    My cousin got an iPhone 4 after renewing his Orange contract, and when he asked them about the getting the phone unlocked (he's been with Orange for 10+ years) they told him they don't offer an unlock for the iPhone and so they cannot unlock it - now or anytime in the future.

    However from what I gather, a UK law requirement states that ALL carriers must provide an unlock if requested. Not right away perhaps, but they must offer one. They may charge to do so at a reasonable amount - £15 was what I think was considered reasonable, although I know some carriers say £20/30 for the iPhone.

    Now I know O2 offer to unlock an iPhone under contract for free AFTER you have signed the contract or for £15? if you are on Pay As You Go. I am not sure exactly where the other carriers stand (length of time/contract type and amount for unlocking). If anyone has any specific data pertaining to individual carriers then please post.

    But what I do know is that carriers MUST provide an unlock and any sales person stating that they can't or won't unlock it is either unaware of the legal requirements or lying. So I presume my cousin can get his phone unlocked even if Orange tell him they can't. True?
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    That isn't correct.

    There is no UK law that requires carriers to unlock phones - even after a certain amount of time or for a fee.

    There isn't an EU law either. Some EU countries have their own law that prevents it though.
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    Jun 27, 2010
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    Not true, i moved to Orange for the iPhone 4. According to customer services it can be unlocked for a fee of £20, however i need to be with them for three months first. There should be something similar in place for renewing customers as well. All Orange like the other UK carriers need to do is inform Apple that the your iPhone should not be locked to any network so the next time you sync it via iTunes it updates the carrier settings on the phone. The takes a few days however.
  6. OMGitsShan thread starter macrumors regular

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    Ok well thanks for everyones opinion. I thought I read it somewhere that they had to provide an unlock. Anyways if the simple fact that Orange does unlock an iPhone for £20, then the sales person wasn't being honest (or didn't know) and I'll instruct my cousin that they will allow it for a fee. Not sure if he'll have to wait 3 months because it is based on the current contract or if they will do it sooner since he has been in good standing with them for so long.

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