UK Photo opportunity (Vulcan XH558 tour)

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    Vulcan XH558 anniversary tour

    A bit of short notice as it's tomorrow. Map.jpg

    The Route with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and other reasons for fly-past that we would wish to honour.

    Doncaster: ETD 15:00 - Chesterfield Cylinders - Sheffield, Bawtry Hall.
    Bitteswell - Akzo Nobel and various others when historical maintenance facility - now Magna Park Industrial complex.
    Coventry Airport - Dunlop/Meggitt, Rolls Royce.
    Birmingham Airport - Dunlop tyres, Goodrich.
    RAF Cosford - Moog, DSG, Goodrich. (Lucas Aerospace / Boulton Paul)
    Staverton (for Gloucester/Cheltenham) - Smiths, Messier Dowty, GCHQ, Survival Equipment Services.
    Filton - Rolls Royce (Bristol Siddeley)
    Cardiff - Airbourne Systems (Parachutes)
    St. Athan - Airbourne Systems and historical Vulcan maintenance site.
    Ross-on-Wye (Memorial fly-past)
    RAF Halton - Goodrich, and historical training facility for Vulcan crews.
    Lincolnshire Area: RAF Cottesmore, RAF Waddington, RAF Scampton - operational bases
    Doncaster: ETA 18:05 (ex RAF Finningley)
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    As the Vulcan seems to be flying slightly west of Nottingham, I'll keep an eye out for it!

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