UK proposal , all payroll checks go to government first

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Shivetya, Sep 21, 2010.

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    then the government will issue the appropriate pay to the employee by funds transfer.


    I know quite a few here in America who know what they make after taxes and not what they make before. Apparently they want to sell this new idea to employers based on the savings they would incur, but as we all know, it would not be long before they charge for this service. Let alone as the article points out, how do you handle screw ups?
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    This one will be interesting. [​IMG]

    One more step to being absolute minions of the State??
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    It's a proposal by the government agency involved in tax.

    It's not a law, it's not an upcoming law, it's not even a proposed law.

    It's basically, an idea.

    It's a bad idea. An idea that, with a tiny tiny hint of common sense, will go no further.
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    No government in it's right 'mind' would consider it. The administration is enormous, and the potential for mistakes and blame just as large. To even suggest it would be to lose an election. I boo the idea without even really thinking about it from all angles - I bet most people would be the same.
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    Ideas that stupid aren't worthy of being thought about from all angles. Although i wouldn't be shocked if this was the law of the land all over europe soon...

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