UK record industry hits back at file-swappers

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    i believe in a fair price for music. i do not believe £16 for a 10 track album to be a fair price, which is what most record stores charge outside of sales.

    however, i'll say it before it's rebutted against me, certain places (fopp (love that place :D ) and certain supermarkets particularly) seem to understand the "fair price" thing and charge considerably less than hmv et al.

    unfortunately there isn't a fopp in every town, and a lot of supermarkets only stock the top 40 or whatever of albums, so choice is very limited.

    it can put the 'consumer' in a tough spot, to be fair: be ripped off but play nice, or file share and feel guilty about the artists (and yes, most file sharers i know hold views on it and aren't just *take take take*).

    if the bmi want to start suing people, well fine, do it, but they'll start to see some independant corporations can see, and agree with, the views of many sharers.

    the bbc did some great articles on this recently, presenting the views of file sharers in a very fair manner, explaining that while yes, some people are like "omg free music liek thats so cool now i can spend all my moneys on liek mcdonalds and stuff innit", for the majority there is no win-win situation.

    also note the extreme lack of LEGAL downloading available here *cough*.

    minimalists such as myself do not want 100's of cd's whether they cost £16 or £5. options: buy the cheapest cd's possible, rip, sell. abort minimalist lifestyle. borrow cd's from friends (which is supposed to be illegal too (anyone remember HOME TAPING IS KILLING MUSIC?)). use pay per download services and wait 40 minutes for a track from coca-cola only for the download to freeze. fileshare.

    there is never win-win.
    i sold 300 of my 400 cd's last april after ripping them. i hate the damn things.

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