UK Reserving PAYG iPhone 4 on o2 - Pick up at Apple/o2 tariff question

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    Heey so I reserved a 16GB iPhone 4 to be used on o2 payg today and forgive me but I sometimes have difficulty understanding things even after reading them so i thought id ask for help here. It says I need my card and pac code (if wanting to keep number) but further down it says you need a proof of address. Does this apply to payg and contract? Iam getting it on payg so will i be fine with just my card and driving license? I wont need anythin else?

    Also when i pick it up will they provide a microSim? I was thinking of joining payg simplicity on a new number so ordered a new sim on which ill pay £15 monthly for unlimited txt/web + 100 mins. Will the unlimited web be suitabe for the iphones edge/grps/eg data? Also will i keep the £15 that i top up monthly or is that taken out? But my second option is to just use the sim i get with the phone (if i get one) and top up £15 upon activation instead of activating the card i already ordered from o2 for £10 then possibly havin to reactivate it for use after being transfered to the microsim. Also if i use the sim giving to me when i buy my iphone it will be on txtandweb will i have to wait a month before bein able to switch tariff to simplicity? Or if i ask to switch to simplicity on the day i activate my sim will i start using simplicity straight away? But if i have to wait a month will i be best using the sim i have already ordered on my current phone after activating it then just wait a couple days for the credit/tariff/number being transfered to the microsim? For this will i need to contact o2 for the pac code?

    Hope its not to confusing. Thanks for the help :)
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    Wouldn't you have a better chance of getting correct information by simply picking up the phone and calling your local Apple Store and asking them how the process will work?

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