UK Vodafone - How to get a nano sim asap

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iFanboy, Sep 16, 2012.

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    I've just ordered the iPhone 5 64GB from and needed a nano sim. Vodafone UK were able to help me in about 3 mins and were generally very helpful - this is how you can get a nano sim from them too!

    1. Click this link to start Live Chat
    2. Tell them you have just ordered the iPhone 5 from and want to order a "nano sim" so that you can use it when it arrives
    3. They'll transfer you to Customer Services
    4. Tell same thing to Customer Services
    5. Customer Service order it for you
    6. 3-5 days later..... profit?

    Vodafone UK have always been excellent with me. Literally the best network IMHO. On my shitlist is Orange, O2 and T-Mobile, who have basically raped me in the past. Vodafone FTW.
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    I rang them yesterday after pre-ordering the 32Gb version, and my nano sim is being delivered next week sometime. They also unlocked my existing iphone 4 free of charge. I feel the same about Orange and O2 - Orange shafted me about 6 years ago, and O2 had bad coverage where I live. Never had any problems with Vodafone at all in all my time with them. Their tariffs may be a little more expensive but it's worth it for the support and fast decent network!
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    That good then seems Vodafone are switched on in terms of the sims. Unlike some others.
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